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ETH Sustainability Summer School

ETH Sustainability Summer School


The ETH Sustainability Summer Schools provide young researchers with the opportunity to work on current and sustainability-related topics in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams. Focus is given not only to teaching theoretical knowledge but also to solving specific case studies.

ETH Sustainability Summer Schools take place during three weeks in July. The Summer School aims at students and doctoral students at ETH Zurich as well as its partner universities.

«Future Cities» (2013)

Have you ever wondered how a sustainable city of the future might look like? The ETH Sustainability Summer School offered the unique chance to learn and work in an exceptional group of students and experts from various fields to address this very question and come up with concrete solutions. The program took place at the ETH Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. >more

«Eating Tomorrow» (2012)

What are we eating tomorrow? How are we eating tomorrow? How does our global food system work? And how can we influence it in a positive way? This summer, 30 students from ETH Zurich and international Universities will focus on these questions and other related topics. Together with leading experts, they will find new solutions to shift our food system in a more sustainable direction and implement them in hands on case studies. >more

«All Just Rubbish?» (2011)

The second Summer School for Sustainability took place in summer 2011. Entitled All just rubbish? it examined the subjects of waste, green product design and material circles. Looking at global waste flows and their consequences and risks, students were shown tools with which they can analyse the entire life cycle of a product. To round off, they were given the challenge of developing eco-friendly product alternatives. >more

«ETHiopia» (2010)

In summer 2010, ETH Sustainability teamed up with partner organisations to set up the first ETH Summer School for Sustainability. The three week ETHiopia summer school took place in Addis Ababa and was dedicated to Sustainable Building in Ethiopia. On location, the students gained theoretical and practical knowledge on the subjects of sustainable urban planning, building with local materials and decentralised water and wastewater systems and were given an insight into private enterprise in developing countries. >more

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