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ETH Sustainability Report 2011-2012

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Sustainability at ETH

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Sustainability - a Core Theme of ETH Zurich

Sustainability at ETH Zurich is integrated into research, teaching, and operations and is a substantial element of university life.

Since its establishment in 2008, "ETH Sustainability" supports initiatives, projects and individuals who contribute to enhancing sustainability at ETH Zurich. As a central coordinating hub, our work includes connecting and consolidating the diverse sustainability activities at ETH Zurich while increasing both internal and external visibility.

Through our News site you can keep yourself updated about sustainability-related activities at ETH Zurich.

Information on related Education and Research activities, as well as on the Dialogue with society is also publicized on this website. You can also find more details on ETH Zurich's Sustainability Report, and on ETH Sustainability in general.

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