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ETH Sustainability Report 2011-2012

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Sustainability stands high on the agenda at ETH Zurich

Sustainability stands high on the agenda at ETH Zurich

ETH Sustainability is the central hub for coordinating sustainability activities at ETH Zurich. The aim of ETH Sustainability is to increase ETH Zurich's contribution to sustainable development and to publicise this both internally and externally.

Since its establishment in 2008, "ETH Sustainability" has been supporting initiatives, projects and individuals who contribute to enhancing sustainability at ETH Zurich. It is integrated into the organizational structure of ETH Zurich as an extension of the Presidential Office. The ETH Sustainability Office reports directly to the President of ETH Zurich and is led by a Steering Committee.

For more information on ETH Sustainability's current focus, please read «ETH Sustainability 2012-2016 (pdf, 0.6MB)».

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