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ETH Sustainability Report 2011-2012

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Partners and alliances

Partners and alliances

Acting as a central coordination point, ETH Sustainability draws all its players and various sustainability-related initiatives together.

ETH Sustainability supports initiatives, projects and individuals who are helping to enhance sustainability at ETH Zurich and publicises their impact to audiences inside and outside the university. Included are areas such as research, teaching and public relations work as well as activities aimed at optimising sustainability on the two ETH Zurich campuses (corporate sustainability). To this end, ETH Sustainability works together with a number of >Research groups and Competence centres at ETH Zurich all of which address scientific questions on the ecological, economic and social development of society.

ETH Sustainability also works with several renowned >international alliances and, with a range of various projects, promotes co-operational activities with >internal and >external partners.

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