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ETH Sustainability Report 2011-2012

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

With reference to 2009 - 2010, ETH Zurich published its first comprehensive sustainability report in May 2011. The report covered both environmental topics and energy figures and also included social and financial aspects and governance issues too.

In July 2013, ETH Zurich's second sustainability report was published online. Adding to the presentation of key figures, the latest report outlines and illustrates concrete goals, respective performance levels, as well as a number of lighthouse projects.

Both sustainability reports meet the ISCN- and GRI standards. ISCN is the International Sustainable Campus Network. It unites more than 40 international universities that are aiming to achieve better sustainable campus operations and a coherent integration of sustainability in research and teaching.

The GRI standard is one of the highest quality reporting standards in business circles. Across the world, more than 5500 organisations in a range of different sectors have drawn up sustainability reports following GRI guidelines. However, these include less than 100 universities.

With this new sustainability reporting, ETH Zurich has assumed a pioneering role in the academic environment and hopes other universities will follow its example.


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