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ETH Sustainability Report 2011-2012

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In dialogue

In dialogue


ETH Zurich in dialogue with society

Humankind is facing complex challenges. To tackle those challenges, the exchange between science, economy, and society is vital. We believe that science must play the role of an "Honest Broker" – an impartial mediator.

Therefore, ETH Zurich is committed to communicate its scientific insights to the wider public while presenting courses of action with both advantages and disadvantages.

In the field of sustainability, ETH Zurich organizes:


"Urban- and Spatial Planning" – Focus of the Year 2013

How can we plan urban space in a sustainable way? How will future cities have to look like to meet the demands of a growing world population? Click here for more information on related projects and activities


News and Events

Under "News" you will learn about upcoming sustainability-related events and activities at ETH Zurich



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